Galactic Surfer Nate's RAVING RANT #!*?

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I just received a heart-felt reply in response
to this morning’s email.

And even though it’s late afternoon here on the bottom
side of the world, and I’m heading
out for a quick sunset surf, I just had to reply to this guy.

Because here’s what he told me…
Even though I survived the 2007-8 GFC…


Things are now not going too well in the
business – and so at home too.
Client interest is down…
Sales plummeted.
Suppliers are becoming more cut-throat.
My lawyer is bleeding me dry – smiling ninja assassin.

And a week ago I had to tell my wife how the business
is really going. There’s no hiding it anymore.

She didn’t react to well when I said that we might
have to close down her dad’s business – the one I was left in charge of.

It was brutal and humiliating telling my wife.
She had no idea things were so bad.

I felt for this guy.

He went on to tell me how he felt like a failure in front of his wife,
how disappointed she must be in him.

I couldn’t bite my tongue any longer…I just had to reply.

I told him it’s the best thing he could have done…this I know firsthand.

Marriage is a partnership and she needs to know. For as Henry Ford
said…his first mastermind group, and most important, was
his wife. TGR fans will appreciate that insight.

And besides, if she really is the girl he fell in love with
and married, then she’d stick by him… and… as a team
they can get through the current storm.

And without shame or any reluctance, I also told him
to grab my FREE High Speed Business Club TASTE TEST super bundle…
…for it was chock full of goodies that would set him on a path to success.

That may sound self-serving, but I know I would be doing him
a disservice if I didn’t direct him of this new resource. (I’d be
doing you a disservice too if I didn’t keep on reminding you.)

Click here…> to get to discover more.

Not only did I tell him what I did, I also gave him some other
advice too. A couple tricks I picked up when stripping the
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to its bare bones.
(but more about that later)

I sure hope he acts on it. I think he will. For I heard a light
bulb go off in his brain – especially when he shreeeeeked with
glee ….”Really? I can do that!. I gonna do that – first thing Monday morn.”

The main thing to understand is if you’re in business,
you always have a fighting chance to survive and thrive
no matter how bad things look right now…especially when
you have the right tools in your toolbox.

Reminds me of a recent episode of my…
“Mega Money Mondays” podcast.
(video cast… I had to learn that too)

I talked about how you skin any regulatory beast that
is bearing down on you.

I thoroughly believe you can…


You’ve got to know how to do it … right?

My new free “High Speed Business Club TASTE TEST” super bundle shows you how…

With plenty of templates to implement on the coal-face.

To check it out for yourself first hand, via a free full length webinar,
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See you on the inside,

Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?

And remember,
“If I’m slow, then I’m going to miss out on the sunset surf with my buddies.
If you’re slow, you’re going to miss out on the ______ (fill in the blank)”

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