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Haven’t blue jeans evolved from their humble functional origins into a fashion staple that’s an iconic part of American pop culture?

It’s no wonder that so many popular musical artists have celebrated denim in song? It’s influence in music has spanned the musical genres over the decades, from rock and roll and punk, to rap and hip hop.

My favorite blue jeans song is Rock On by David Essex (1973).  And you?


Here’s a quick video on the history of jeans that you will find on Youtube.

Now, my history with jeans is really quite humble.  As you will discover as you travel along with us, I was wearing denim jeans, a denim shirt and a big heavy duty leather welding apron and a bucket on my head (as welder helmet) when inspiration first struck which lead to the creation of the Mustor High Speed Business [>>] Mindset MIS 1000.  The jeans and denim shirt ensemble have become quite a standard as I travel the world with Executive Keynote Speeches and Boardroom Briefing.  I feel comfortable in them, and so they get the best from me – which is what they really want anyway. For more about these click here…>

The outfit is a lot like the welder in this great 80s film “Flash Dance”.  Just without the dancing.  You don’t want to witness me dance. Eeek not a safe thing to do and requires quite a bit of alcohol.

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And remember now,
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If you’re slow, you’re going to miss out on the ______ (fill in the blank)”

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