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As we all know, an archetype is a very typical example of a certain person or thing.  They are recurring patterns of human behavior, symbolized by standard types of characters in stories (novels and movies).

With this in mind, it seems to be that a HIGH SPEED BUSINESS [>>] ARCHETYPE is a very typical example of a certain person or thing who is related to high or slow speed business.  And as such are recurring patterns of human behavior, symbolized by standard types of characters in the high stakes game of global business.

The common story archetypes are detailed below.  Be sure to check back here from time to time, as we will be including hotlinks that relate to their business equivalents.


Villains and enemies, perhaps the enemy within.  The dark side of the Force, the repressed possibilities of the hero, his or her potential for evil.  Can be other kinds of repression, such as repressed grief, anger, frustration or creativity that is dangerous if it doesn’t have an outlet.

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One who brings the Call to Adventure.  Could be a person or an event.


The hero’s guide or guiding principles.  Yoda, Merlin, a great coach or teacher.


The forces that stand in the way at important turning points, including jealous enemies, professional gatekeepers, or your own fears and doubts.


In stories, creatures like vampires or werewolves who change shape.  In life, the shapeshifter represents change.  The way other people (or our perceptions of them) keep changing.  The opposite sex, the way people can be two-faced.


Clowns and mischief-makers, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.  Our own mischievous subconscious, urging us to change.


Central figures in stories.  Everyone is the hero of his or her own myth.

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Characters who help the hero through the change.  Sidekicks, buddies, girlfriends who advise the hero through the transitions of life.


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