Galactic Surfer Nate's RAVING RANT #!*?

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Many years ago, long before taking selfies, posting on facebook, and being forced to
listen the boy bands such as New Kids on the Block and One Direction,
this here humble welder started on his journey to reluctantly
evolve into the Wizard of Words.

This was an exciting but nerve racking new world for me.

By day, I was clad in thick denim and a welder’s leather apron, sweating like
a dog in the summer heat waves.

At night, I headed off to night school to learn how to be a
Welding Supervisor – a requirement by safety law.
Humble beginnings right?
But it was those humble beginnings where I discovered
the super profit secrets – Business DNA. And it was while I was doing
Tai Chi with a bucket on my head with a sparkler in hand (welding).

And my success wasn’t an overnighter either.

It took me a full decade of using my bag of tricks (secretly) before I realized that
others would be keen to get their hands on them too.

Took me 10 years of stumbling around, before I released my
high speed business tactics and tools.

What was the trigger?

Great question!

Shows me your listening…

It came down to my penciling out my processes and then simply
sharing them – boy did they catch on like wildfire.

The real breakthrough was that I realized that up until
then I was talking to the wrong people.
I was talking to losers who would always be losers.

You know the type right? The ones that are lead water but
still won’t drink – even they are thirsty as hell.

Anywho, once I switch focused to what I now know as The
9 Biz Supermen Types, life simply exploded:
(1) Rebellious Yet Highly Successful Business Maverick
(2) High-Level Corporate/Government Executive
(3) Fast-Moving Fast-Rising Disruptive Entrepreneur
(4) Defense Department Spearhead (High-Level Executive/Officer)
(5) Lobbying Leader That Benefactors Take Seriously
(6) Sophisticated Accredited Investor
(7) Head of a Truly Ambitious Family That is Destined To be a Dynasty
(8) Seasoned Senior-Level Professional
(9) High-Level Niched Consultant, Guru, Expert, Specialist

My high speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks were
taken seriously – super seriously actually.

So…with that….I put together a bundle of them. A super bundle actually.
As I had collected and tested so many of them over the decade since inception.

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Good hunting,

Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?

And remember,
“If I’m slow, then I’m going to miss out on the sunset surf with my buddies.
If you’re slow, you’re going to miss out on the ______ (fill in the blank)”

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