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You will find this great video on Youtube.

It is of the best moments of Formula Offroad in 2013!

It includes races in Bålsta Sweden, Ler Norway and Skien Norway.

What rules do you think are at play here?  Are they much different to the Formula 1 Racing or NASCAR?

It is raw footage without music, just the sound of raw horsepower!  Sometimes I just play it in the background.  The sound is quite soothing, don’t you think?

It goes for 6 six minutes… just the right amount of time for a coffee break, right?

My challenge for you today is to chunk and highlight your most complicated clause in your most important business, government or defense dealing for as long as the video goes for….AT FULL VOLUME. (MIS 1200 & 1300 will be of tremendous help here)

This is quite instructive.  For you see, I invented the High Speed Business [>>] Mindset and System, whilst working in a very noisy steel fabrication factory.  With thumping and banging sounds all day.  Enough to drive you crazy.  And in this environment, we had to quickly review thick complex contracts written by Fortune 500 lawyers who sit in nice air conditioned offices.  Not complaining, just explaining.

My second challenge is to pick a second clause and chunk and highlight for as long as this next video goes for….AT FULL VOLUME.

This will test you.  And you should test yourself.  For you want to know your true strengths right, your battlefield strengths, your wits whilst under fire.  If you want to make absolutely sure you will make the most of The Infamous QUICK & DIRTY “BIG-FISH Business IQ Test”…click here…>

Remember.  There are wolves @ the door, enemies @ the gate…both wanting to get in and swipe your families famous silver cutlery set.


Good luck, and
good hunting,

Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?



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