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American_Jurisprudence_2edAmerican Jurisprudence (Am. Jur.) reports that “it provides an unparalleled breadth of coverage of all fields of American law”.

This includes:

  • state and federal
  • civil and criminal
  • substantive and procedural.

The articles collect, examine, and summarize the broad principles of American law and, at the same time, provide:

  • Direct leads to supporting cases
  • Related annotations
  • Forms
  • Proofs
  • Trial techniques

This set is alphabetically arranged in more than 400 topics or chapters.

It is designed to:

  • provide prompt answers to client questions
  • help propose sound courses of action
  • provide a quick look at unfamiliar areas of the law.

A new Topic Service Binder reviews new areas of law until they can be placed accurately within the set.

It was originated by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, which was subsequently acquired by the Thomson Corporation.

The second edition, launched in 1962  (is cited as Am. Jur. 2d) is over 140 volumes.

This investment will be around $20k (2015)

Am. Jur. is available online for about a grand a month through both Westlaw, and LexisNexis. ($1000/mon 2015)

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