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“The Swashbuckling Adventures of The Renowned Executive-Suite Profiteer Hell-Bent On The Fast Plundering Of The Gigantic Profits & Treasures Hidden In Plain Sight”

Overt (not covert) industrial espionage secrets finally revealed that focus on “the bloody-obvious” that are typically unseen as they lie smack bang in the middle of many an executive blind spot!

This video explains the how, what and why I do what I do.

“What is this crazy #!*? rant (blog) all about anyway?” you ask.
And so you should.

Well, it was inspired by my father in his later years.  He used to say to me “They don’t say health and wealth in that order for no reason you know.” And then look at me with one eyebrow raised to make sure I got what he was saying.  A small smile and an acknowledgement nod was usually my typical response to his mentoring…with a rolling of the eyes, as you can imagine.  A counter response wink bounced back from him.  What more does a son really want from his father hey? Life hey?

Now, in particular, this rant (blog) is squarely aimed at you if you are one of…

1) Rebellious Yet Highly Successful Business Maverick

THINK hipster new-kids-on-the-block hall-of-famers: Steve Jobs and his Apple orchard, Herb Kelleher flying high on Southwest Airlines, John Mackey’s eating his competition alive at his Whole Foods Market, Charles Schwab and his no-frills, low-cost brokerage service that empowers a myriad of individual investors to take matters into their own hands.  THINK Richard Branson and his 400 something Virgin businesses, Jeff Bezos clearing the retail jungles with his boa constrictor,  Mark Zuckerberg and his some 3,000,000,000 Facebook friends, Ted Turner watching cable news 24-hours-a-day, Bill Gates looking through a squillion Microsoft Windows (in over 130 languages), Warren Buffet and his small-town humble-pie ‘Intelligent Investor’ and “Buffetology” strategies.

THINK Elon Musk paying for his SpaceX holiday and his Tesla sports car with his PayPal account (all run on his SolarCity power of course).   THINK old-school industrial-revolutionists: Andrew Carnegie’s  strength in steel, John D. Rockefeller’s kerosene knights and oil derricks, J.P. Morgan financing and banking prowess, Henry Ford zipping around in his Model T, Cornelius Vanderbilt riding his steamship to catch his trains.

THINK the mouse and the clown - Walt Disney and his friend Mickey Mouse, as well as Ray Kroc’s Ronald McDonald eating two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun, Sam Walton and his discount club, the Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts boys working their leveraged buyouts.

EVEN THINK explorers and trade-route trail-blazers Marco Polo, Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, James Cook, Leif Eriksson, Zheng He.  And who knows where the explorations of Yuri Gagarin or Neil Armstrong will take us all – not to forget our furry friends Albert II in his V2 and Laika in Sputnik II.  THINK silk, spice, tea, timber & gunpowder traders British/Dutch East/West India Companies.  You could, and should, even think Tony Stark of Stark Industries, the designer behind “IRONMAN”.

2) High-Level Corporate & Government Executive

EITHER: The high-level Corporate Executive with high 7 to 8 figure income eager to do more, to do better, to expand and to ADD AT LEAST ONE IF NOT TWO ZEROs to their salary package (with stock options on top of course). OR: The high-level Government Executive who understands how “revolving doors” work best. THINK Board Members. THINK CEOs, CFOs and the rest of the C-Suite.  THINK corner window offices.

3) Fast-Moving Fast-Rising Disruptive Entrepreneur

Fast-Moving Fast-Rising Entrepreneur with well-established and enviable DISRUPTIVE business plans ready to escape the shark-infested highly-competitive blood-bath of ‘Red Ocean’ markets to market domination with a sophisticated ‘Blue Ocean’ business strategy which will command sky-rocketing revenues. THINK Blue Ocean Strategy : How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant (by bestselling authors W Chan Kim  and Renée Mauborgne)

4) Defense Department SPEARHEAD or High-Level Executive/Officer

Defense Department SPEARHEAD  (High-Level Executive/Officer) eager to ensure the safety of his nation and to move on up to roles with greater influence and power – whether it be President, Prime Minister, Chairman, Secretary, General, Admiral, Brigadier, Colonel, Major or Captain.

THINK those with Sun Tzu and Machiavelli in their flak jacket pocket.

THINK, the 1943 meeting between Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill.

THINK Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Alexander the Great, and the Montezuma/Cortés standoff.

THINK Americans Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George Washington & George S. Patton.

THINK Navy Seals, French Foreign Legion, Green Berets.

THINK the U.S. Military Academy (West Point), US Naval & Air Force Academies, US Coast Guard Academy, Commando Training Centre (Britain), École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (France), Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (Brazil), Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, Republic of China Military Academy, the Indian Military Academy, Korean Military Academies, Federal Armed Forces University (Germany).

THINK 300 Spartans, Red Baron, Lawrence of Arabia, William Wallace, Knights of the Round Table – even Gandhi and Confucius. You could, and should even think, Rambo, the Hobbit, Robin Hood, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo and how could we leave out the lovable Chewbacca. THINK The Captains – Captain America, as well as Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise and Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl. THINK James Bond 007, Ironman and The Terminator.

5) Lobbying Leader That Benefactors Take Seriously

Lobbying Leader That Benefactors Take Seriously – the Executive who understands the importance of the causes and the interests he is representing, and is excited about moving on up to a position that provides greater perspective, and matching influence of course. THINK all those in the competitive world of advocacy - from "hired guns" who run into battle for super-serious clients, to association heads who wield the power of industries, to union leaders who exert might through herding their members.

THINK legends in the trenches such as Thomas P. O'Neill III, the Larry Rasky/Joe Baerlein dynamic duo, the three amigos - Dennis Kearney, Paul Donovan & Michelle McGee, John A. Brennan, Jr., Andrea Serlin and partner Pierce Haley, to name but a few.

K Street.

6) Sophisticated Accredited Investor

Sophisticated Accredited Investor keen on discovering how to quickly rip through Highly-Confusing, Super-Complex, FOOT-THICK, FINE-PRINTED, Legalese-Laden contracts, joint venture (JV) agreements, laws and regulations as well as acquisition and merger agreements (M&A), so as to find legitimate legal loopholes faster than their competitors.

THINK legends Benjamin Graham, John Templeton, Thomas Rowe Price Jr, John Neff, Jesse Livermore, Peter Lynch, George Soros, Warren Buffet, John (Jack) Bogle, Carl Icahn and Bill Gross...and the Sophisticated Accredited Investors they represent.

7) Head of a Truly Ambitious Family That's Destined To Be A Dynasty

Head of a Truly Ambitious Family who knows full well that sound family mentoring is essential for a family destined to be a dynasty. THINK Heads of the House of Argead, Bourbon, Capetian, Carolingian, Claudia, Habsburg, Hearst, Julia, Kennedy, Khan, Koch, Maurya, Medici, Mellon, Murdoch, Nehru-Gandhi, Plantagenet, Ptolemy, Rothschild, Shang, Sulzberger-Ochs, Thutmosis, Tokugawa, Tudors, Vanderbilt, Walton and Zhou (alphabetical of course).

You could, and should even, think, THE GODFATHER – 1, 2 AND 3. Think SUPERMAN’s fathers – Jor-El and Jonathan Kent. Think the ironclad father and son team of Howard Stark and Tony Stark (IRONMAN). Think the pre-historic team of Fred Flintstone and his daughter Pebbles (The Flintstones). Think the Flintstones’ space-age George Jetson...his Boy Elroy...daughter Judy...Jane his wife (The Jetsons).

8) Seasoned Senior-Level Professional

Seasoned Senior-Level Professional with a mature and celebrated career who is looking to springboard to a much higher level. THINK of the important eighteenth-century professions depicted in the famous English nursery rhyme – the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. ALSO THINK today’s top end of doctors, accountants, engineers, architects, and the lawyers who assist and counsel them.

THINK Legal Eagles and Magic Circle lawyers. Oh…and the ambulance chasers.

9) High-Level Niched Consultant, Guru, Expert, Specialist

High-Level Niched Consultant/Guru/Expert/Specialist looking to add state-of-the-art Fortune 500 and Forbes 400 level high speed [>>] tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks - that his competing peers will surely lust after.

THINK White Shoe Consultants. THINK James O. McKinsey, and his 7S Consultants Robert H. Waterman, Jr. and Tom Peters. THINK Boston’s Bill Bain and Bruce D. Henderson. To name but a few…of course.

…and truly want one more of these…

  • want to dominate your industry forever
  • want to finally and permanently smash your competitors to the outer regions of the market, leaving the lion’s share for you (and your family)
  • want to keep your customers and clients happy…and happily referring
  • want to keep your suppliers in-line with just the lightest touch
  • want to keep you staff focused on what’s really important
  • want to keep regulators on side and at bay
  • want to keep the hungry wolves from the door
  • want to keep the barbarous enemy @ the gate or
  • want to ensure your family is destined to be a dynasty.

In particular, it is aimed at you if
the following description describes where you’ve been in life so far,
where you are now, and where you want to be real soon…

You worked hard in your 20s with
the ‘common’ strategies & tools
given by your college professors,

ONLY TO find yourself forever
banging your head against brick walls &
hitting glass-ceilings. WITH lots of blood, sweat and tears.

LUCKILY you got around to consuming
the success classics
in your 30s,

AND FOUND the strength within
to internalize and work these success strategies
in your 40s,

LIKELY WITH many sleepless nights…
…up early to invest your
own blood & sweat…and perhaps some tears…happily invested for it was all for a worthy cause.

make it to the top of your game in your 50s & 60s.


BUT NOW as you head towards your 60s & 70s,
you begin to realize that
you face the biggest challenge of your life.

The challenge of staying on top
with rapidly declining
muscles, mind-power and minutes.

A challenge that if not conquered,
will leave you super-vulnerable during your golden years,
that could, and likely will,
have you living out
your 70s, 80s, and 90s
UNNECESSARILY WITH lots of blood, sweat and tears!

With years of experience under your belt,
you also realize that
one can ignore reality,
but one can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

what you really need, are
super profit secret shortcuts
high speed business [>>] tactics,
tools, templates, triggers and tricks
to be a part of a village of like-minded enterprising executives,
of special focus speed clubs and mastermind groups.

So as to keep you
On Top Forever ^>

Now, you’re probably here, because you have heard that I can give these very things…these things that you want oh so very much.

Now, just because I can give you these…

…because I am in the very enviable situation of actually knowing them (as I stumbled across an amazing secret in my early 20s and have actually lived them for some 25+ years now)…

…AND as I will likely give them to you…

…because I believe that Enterprising Executives are really the ones that can make this world of ours prosper…

…it doesn’t mean I will…for I will only share them if you’re serious and don’t waste my time.

Of note, when describing the super profit secret shortcuts and high speed turbo boosters that you pick up to your inner circle of friends and family, you’ll likely say something like…this is the kind of thing that other entrepreneurial executives have said in the past…


“The Speed Mindset That Makes Maverick Millionaires, Bodacious Billionaires”

“Prepare to be known as a Doctor of Harsh Reality Too!”

“The Quickest Way To Add 2-3 Zeros To Your Paycheck”

“The Pirate DNA That Blackbeard Would Covert”

“Finally…The Business DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts”

“Legal Loophole Engineering For Super Serious Executives”

“The Rosetta Stone of Law”

“The Babel Fish of Business”

“With this, you’ll be the Head Professor of the School of Hard Knocks in no time at all.”

“The Essential Backbone To Our Environmental Recovery”

“The Legalese Lightsaber of a Jurisdictional Jedi knight”

“It’s Legal DNA for Legal Eagles!”

“You will find yourself in a transcendent state of Legal Nirvana”

“If you want to move from Frustration To Freedom, you’ve found your speed tools”.

“If you have a Need For Speed, you’ve found your high speed turbo boosters”.

“If you truly want to be an Industry Peak Performer, the speed tactics, templates and tools here within are just what you’ve been looking for”.

“If you want to quickly bump up your pay check zeros from 6-TO-7, you’ve picked up the right toolkit”.
“More like, 7-TO-8 ZEROs I say”.
“I’ll up that to the ultimate 8-TO-9 ZEROs SYSTEM”.

“It’s the ultimate Executive Fast Track, Boardroom Fast Track, Venture Capitalist Fast Track – Take Your Pick”.

“The Technical Specification Shangri-La”

“The Executive’s Excalibur”

“Don’t lie with the old boardroom buzzards; soar with the new legal eagles!”

“Is This The Fastest Money Making Machine Ever Invented By Mankind That Will Never Be Surpassed…That Even Enterprising Executives, Fortune 500 CEOs & CFOs, Bankers, Forbes 400 Entrepreneurs and Emperors Will Covertly Covet #!*?”

My favorite being,

“Finally…The Business DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts”…as you will no doubt work out as you travel along with us.

It is also the one that has gelled fastest with executives over the years…interesting hey?
And so by default, this is what I usually start with when Executives corral me a the back of the room after an Executive Keynote presentation at a business, government and defense conferences I attend these days.

Now of note, only one rule here…

“No topic is taboo, especially the taboo topics”


Also, so you know what you’re getting here, my goal here with this rant (blog) is…

This rant

IS NOT for or against anything or anyone,

but about everything!


For, it’s from this point that the truth can be seen, right?

Now, as we are all biased in someway, whether we want to be or not, want to believe it or not (including me) there will obviously be some bias here and there – it comes with the territory.

But if you can live with this (and call me out on any accidental slips and hound me until I address them) well then you are going to get the goods…the secrets shortcuts, the high speed turbo boosters which will have you quickly skyrocketing to success – and beyond.


Beware – This Rant is not designed for general rank-and-file run-of-the-mill executives, although they too would greatly benefit. Why?  Well quite frankly, I have found that very few of them are as serious as their key investors and stakeholders need them to be.  And as I’m primed to help only the serious ones, the silly ones rarely make it through the qualifying rounds.

Beware #2:  This Rant is not designed for executives who are happy with their slow stodgy success strategies….strategies handed down by slow-to-success college professors some 30 years ago.  It is not for those who don’t know how fast they need to be.. Specifically how fast they NEED to be with their business, government and defense dealings (& documents)…how fast they need to be with the Key Executive Documents:

  • #KED1 Internal Policies, Procedures, Protocols & Rules
  • #KED2 Externally Promoted Policies & Claims
  • #KED3 Laws & Government Regulations/Legislation
  • #KED4 Purchase Orders, Service Level Agreements, Technical Specifications & Contracts
  • #KED5 Insurance Policies
  • #KED6 Referenced Documents, Standards & Codes

It is not for those who don’t understand the importance of being as fast as their ruthless relentless rivals.  It is however, for those who know this, but who also have their gaze firmly fixed on being faster than them.

You see, my stuff is super-serious, and thus for truly-serious executives only.  With this in mind, you can see why most cookie-cut executives just don’t make the grade and fall off quite quickly…leaving them to rely on the same old pathetic excuses that have hemmed them into a life of mediocrity.

New quotes and commentary are added regularly, so check back often to get the executive-suite success insights and inspiration you’ve been looking for.  Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [SPSS] that greatly improve your life and make you much-much-much happier…for ever and a day.


Now, as a quick start, you might like to check out the quotable quotes by William A. Ward, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi and Henry Ford. The in the top right hand corner can help you quickly find these and many more.

Oh and if you have a favorite quote, success story, high speed resource tactic or tool you’d like to share, please contact me and let me know. I’ll post it here for others to enjoy should it align with our cause, to submit, just click here…>


With That, Good hunting,

Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?

In case you have somehow missed who I am…I’m the one who is…

…solely fixated on pushing the boundaries of what’s really possible in the Executtive-Suites of the world…with recently revealed Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [SPSS] and high speed turbo boosters proven to keep Fortune 500 Executive types and The 9 Biz Supermen Types On Top Forever ^>

In particular, focused on finding and mining speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks that help executives realize ‘industry proven success strategies’ fast…faster…as fast as their ruthless, relentless rivals…and eventually, faster than.

(P.S. I am the one who is also happy letting the masses of cookie-cut run-of-the-mill slow-to-success “middle management” professionals spout advice on what is required to toe-the-line with their mainly-mindless management strategies…slow-to-success strategies…strategies that often only lead one to a life of blood, sweat and tears. The choice is simple: either take the long-hard-slow way or take the secret shortcuts, get there first and exploit the opportunity now up your sleeve.)

“Why the ‘galactic surfer’ reference?” you ask.  Well, simply really. I am passionate about the sport of surfing.  Riding leading-tech revolutionary new designs in particular.  It keeps me healthy and ‘sane’…which is particular important considering the super-heavy business, government and defense thinking and work I regularly find myself involved in.  Now, one of the problems with surfing is that it is a daylight sport. And so going to work early or staying late eats away valuable daylight hours…surfing hours. Also as you can imagine, surfing in the dark at night is extremely difficult…nigh on impossible actually (although I have given in a go a few times). Passionate golfers understand this I’m sure…hard to play golf in the dark…probably more so than tennis players and footballers, who can play under night lights. And as such I had and have no choice but to find out how to get my work done fast…faster than my rivals…so I could get out in time for a sunset surf session with my family and friends. It mandated the finding of shortcuts and high speed turbo boosters. This search was a natural and regular mission. That’s why I put together my special collection of high speed business tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks.  Oh, and the ‘galactic’ part of the reference, well that’s a story and a half. It’s worthwhile I assure you. Instructional for Enterprising Executives #!*?  For the full story, just click here…>

And remember now,

“If I’m slow, I’m going to miss out on the sunset surf with my family and friends.
If you’re slow, you’re going to miss out on the ___________ (fill in the blank).
So, we have no choice but to be faster than our ruthless relentless rivals, right?”

p.s. It will be a smart move to bookmark this page for future reference and share it with your inner circle of trusted friends and family so they are on your team, helping you on your skyrocketing journey to super-stardom.